Presidential Team

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NARST Presidential Team
Mary Atwater, President Valarie Akerson, Past-President Mei-Hung Chiu, President-Elect

The NARST Secretary-Treasurer

Greg Kelly was appointed the NARST Secretary-Treasurer by then President Valerie Akerson and voted and approved by the board at the April 2015 NARST Board meeting. This appointment of a Secretary-Treasurer for NARST was recommended by an external consultant and NARST legal counsel.

The activity of the Secretary-Treasurer began by working with the NARST Presidential Team (Valerie Akerson, Mary Atwater, Mei-Hung Chiu), the Executive Director (Bill Kyle), and Legal Counsel (Mike Deese) to create a set of procedures to be placed into the NARST Policies and Procedures. The proposed procedures (“Responsibilities and Procedures for NARST Secretary-Treasurer”) were approved by the NARST Board of Directors at the October 2015 meeting.

The Secretary-Treasurer helped review and prepare the NARST 2016 budget and has reviewed and approved NARST expenditures since October 2015. Ongoing work related to this role is specified in the Policies and Procedures.

Greg Kelley

Greg Kelly
NARST Secretary-Treasurer

The Secretary-Treasurer proposed a process for the NARST Board of Directors to appoint an audit committee. This will be an ad hoc committee formed periodically to conduct audits of the NARST finances as specified in the Policies and Procedures. The audit committee shall have at least three members: President-Elect (member and chair), two members from the Board of Directors appointed by the President-Elect, and one additional optional member with finance background at the discretion of the President-Elect. The procedure was approved by the NARST Board of Directors at the November 2015 meeting.