Continental and Diasporic African in Science Education RIG

Continental and Diasporic African in Science Education

Irene Osisioma CADASE Chair

A Profile of CADASE RIG

The Continental and Diasporic African in Science Education (CADASE) RIG was officially established in October 2011. At this 2012 NARST meeting, the CADASE leadership team (CADASE chair, steering committee chair and secretary) was formally elected – Mary Atwater, CADASE chair, Jomo Mutegi, chair of the steering committee, and Jacqueline McDonnough, secretary.In addition to the election of the leadership team and the formation of the steering committee, Mary Awater articulated the purpose of this RIG: (a) to inspire science educators to engage in research aimed at meeting the needs of people of African descent; and (b) to provide intellectual, professional, and personal space for science educators engaged in such research.

In line with the above purpose, CADASE serves as a forum through which science education researchers perform critical analyses and evaluations of how the prevailing theory and practice of science education impacts the lives of people of African descent. Therefore, the main focus of this RIG is to use a variety of theoretical and methodological frameworks to address issues related to culture, ethnicity, gender, race and social class in science curriculum, learning, teaching, assessment and evaluation, and policy at both formal and informal contexts of K-16 education.

Since its inception, CADASE has engaged in several activities including (a) holding its first business meeting on April 7th and partnering with Equity and Ethics committee to organize a symposium at the 2013 NARST conference, (b) producing regular newsletters to disseminate information to CADASE membership, (c) organizing a sponsored session titled, Using Critical Race Theory to Explore Community and Science Education and a co-sponsored plenary session at the 2014 NARST conference. In addition, CADASE’s editorial board is currently reviewing proposals for articles to be published in a special issue – Science Education and the African Diaspora: A Critical Global Perspective.

Currently, there are 71 registered CADASE members. During the business meeting at the 2014 NARST meeting, a new leadership team was elected. The new CADASE chair is Irene Osisioma, the steering committee chair is Melody Russell, and the secretary is Rona Robinson-Hill.

NARST members who are interested in joining CADASE should contact Rona Robinson-Hill at