Message From The Presidential Team

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NARST Presidential Team
Mary Atwater, President Valarie Akerson, Past-President Mei-Hung Chiu, President-Elect

Dear NARST Colleagues, As discussed at the 2015 NARST conference under the leadership of Valarie Akerson,  now our Past President, we have a new version of the ByLaws to share with you. This version has been developed with help from our BoardSource Consultant, and has been approved by the NARST Board in April, and the final version has been reviewed and approved by NARST Legal Counsel. It will enable us to lawfully operate in Minnesota (the state in which we are incorporated) from our management office in Virginia. It will enable us to move toward a Governance Board as our organization grows. The ByLaws are color coded to what needs to be changed due to Minnesota law, what needs to be changed due to IRS regulations, and what should be changed due to best non-profit Board practice. The coding scheme is on the document to which you will link. We anticipate having the  current and revised Bylaws posted by July 9, with opportunities for you to comment and ask questions. We intend to hold two Town Hall meetings to provide opportunities to ask questions and provide comments to the Board.  Please watch for the announcements of details regarding the Bylaws review page as well as the webinar-hosted Town Hall Meetings on Facebook as well as the NARST Listserve. NARST_Bylaws_Thumb

We also anticipate having the vote available when you upload your NARST 2016 proposal. So please take the time to review the bylaws, ask questions, provide comments, and get ready to vote YES on the ByLaws!

Mary Atwater, President Mei-Hung Chiu, President-Elect Valarie Akerson, Past-President

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