NSTA Liaison

Deb Hanuscin NARST Liaison to NSTA

Each year, NSTA selects articles from research journals published by its affiliates, including NARST, for its annual ‘Research Worth Reading’ initiative. This recognition is given to papers published in the past year that have the most significant implications for NSTA members. The 2015 Research Worth Reading list included the following three papers from JRST:

  • Ryoo, K., & Linn, M. C. (2014). Designing guidance for interpreting dynamic visualizations: Generating versus reading explanations. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 51(2), 147-174.
  • Polman, J.L. & Hope, J. M.G. (2014). Science news stories as boundary objects affecting engagement with science. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 51(3), 315-341.
  • Christodoulou, A. & Osborne, J. (2014). The science classroom as a site of epistemic talk: A case study of a teacher’s attempts to teach science based on argument. Journal of Research in Science Teaching. 51(10): 1275-1300.


A new podcast is being launched in collaboration with NSTA and will feature conversations with authors of these papers. The Research Matters podcast is intended to help translate the authors’ research into practitioner friendly format, while providing links to additional resources and materials through the NSTA Learning Center. For more information about the podcast, contact Dr. Deborah Hanuscin, NARST’s Liaison to NSTA (hanuscind@missouri.edu).