Publications Advisory Committee

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Alicia Alonzo and Gillian Roehrig
Publications Advisory Committee Co-Chairs



Purposes:  The NARST teacher/educator scholarships have been established for the following purposes:

  1. To encourage science teachers and informal science educators who collaborate with NARST members in research projects to participate in and present papers at the NARST annual conference, and
  2. To demonstrate NARST’s commitment to connecting research and the practice of science education, by financially supporting science teachers and informal science educators to attend the international annual conference.

What do the scholarships cover?  Scholarships are not meant to cover the full cost associated with attending the NARST conference. They are rather intended to defray some of the cost of attending the conference. The scholarships may be used for air travel, ground transportation, and conference registration fees. All applicants will need to register and pay for their own fees before attending the conference. Reimbursement of expenses will be made after the conference attendance when a paper has been presented.

How many scholarships will be offered?  We plan to offer 9 scholarships at the amount of $700.00 per scholarship. The total amount of this scheme is $6,300.

Who is eligible to get the scholarships?  Science teachers and informal science educators, either from the US or abroad, are eligible to receive the NARST Teacher Scholarships, on the following conditions:

  1. The teacher/educator should be currently practicing at the elementary, secondary or tertiary level, or informal science education at the time of the 2016 NARST International Conference.
  2. The teacher should be actively working together or have worked together, with one or more NARST members in a research project. The project is either still going on, or has been finished not earlier than April 2015.
  3. A presentation (in any format) about this project must have been accepted for inclusion in the program of the 2016 NARST International conference. The teacher/educator must be one of the named authors of the presentation. The teacher/educator may either be a first author or collaborating author on the presentation paper.
  4. Preference will be given to applicants from developing countries and those who have not received a scholarship in a previous year.

How do I apply for this scholarship?   Applications can only be made by current NARST members for one or more science teachers/educators with whom they collaborate. For each nominated teacher/educator, the following should be completed by the NARST member nominating an applicant.

  1. An electronic application and project description with information filled out by the NARST mentor
  2. Email a copy of the accepted NARST 2016 proposal to Gillian Roehrig, Co-Chair of the Publications Advisory Committee  at

Selection process  The Publications Advisory Committee will determine which applicants should receive scholarships by consensus based on merit of the project and/or the preferences stated above. In order to protect the anonymity and integrity of the selection process, the Co-Chairs of the Publications Advisory Committee, who are not eligible to apply for the scholarships will:

  1. Solicit, collect, and blind the applications.
  2. Not engage in the review of the nominated teachers.
  3. Remove those applications submitted by members of the Publications Advisory Committee from reviewing their own applications.
  4. Distribute and synthesize the recommendations of the Committee.
  5. Report to the NARST Board of Directors and to the applicants regarding final awardees and alternates.

If you have questions, please contact Gillian Roehrig (