Call for Proposals: NARST Website Revision


Dr. Scott McDonald Website Revision Committee Chair

NARST: A Worldwide Organization for Improving Science Teaching and Learning Through Research is seeking the services of an experienced website design team to engage with us to research, redesign, develop, implement, and offer maintenance options for its website. This is an open call for a project that will involve the design team working to assess the organizations’ needs, migrating the content of the existing website where necessary, along with the development of new tools, products, content and features as required by the NARST organization, its Board and leadership. The current functions of our existing website are to inform and educate people regarding NARST activities; maintain an e-commerce enterprise for conference and memberships; facilitate and support conference organization, including: submissions, review, and planning; provide a private and secure collaborative space for Board and Committee activities; and support the social networking efforts of the NARST leadership. Our goal is to continue and expand these services through a modern and responsive web presence.

Applicants will need to provide a strong history of successful clients, references, and a portfolio of comparable sites.  A detailed description of the Call for Proposals is found at this link.

For further information or questions regarding official proposal submissions, contact Dr. Scott McDonald ( ).

All proposals will also be directed in PDF form directly Dr. Scott McDonald as well ( ).

The deadline for receiving proposals electronically is March 8th, 2016.