Graduate Student Representative


Selina Bartels
Graduate Student Representative

The Graduate Student Forum was attended by over 100 graduate students at the NARST 2016 annual international conference. The forum focused on how graduate students can get involved in NARST and featured round table discussions with strand leaders. Graduate students at the start of their program should volunteer to preside over sessions at the NARST conference. It is also important to volunteer to be a proposal reviewer for the NARST conference. Graduate students further along in their studies should volunteer to serve on a committee. I would also like to thank the strand leaders for taking the time out to discuss their strands with the graduate students.

My term as the Graduate Student Representative for the NARST Board will come to a close in Spring 2017. There will be a call for interested graduate students to apply for this appointed position. (See the description of this position in the Membership & Elections report.) Serving as the graduate student representative is an excellent way for a graduate student to meet many members of NARST and to become a very active member of the organization.