Membership and Elections Committee

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Eileen Parsons
Membership and Elections Committee Chair

Many thanks to those who self-nominated or nominated others for the positions of President-Elect, Board Directors, and Secretary/Treasurer for the 2016-17 NARST elections to be held in January/February 2017.

It is time to select a Graduate Student Representative for the NARST Board. The NARST Graduate Student Representative is a 2-year appointed position to serve on the NARST Board of Directors as an ex officio member. Ex officio members may participate fully in Board discussions and deliberations, but they do not have voting rights. The graduate student holding this position will ensure graduate student viewpoints are represented in the discussions leading up to decisions being made by the NARST Board. General responsibilities of the position involve soliciting graduate student concerns, reporting Board decisions to the graduate students, and working to further the goals of NARST. The NARST Graduate Student Representative also participates in certain conference activities. The purpose of this Board position is to ensure graduate student voices are heard by the organization and to contribute positively to the governance of NARST. Additional details will be provided in the call for nominations.

Please watch for the call and consider self-nomination by graduate students or the nomination of graduate students, the future of NARST.