Publications Advisory Committee

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Alicia Alonzo
Publications Advisory Committee Chair

The Publications Advisory Committee (PAC) expresses appreciation to the following outgoing committee members for their substantial contributions: Gillian Roehrig (co-chair), Gayle Buck, Julie Bianchini, Amelia Wenk Gotwals, and Wardell Powell (graduate student member). We welcome the following new members: Andrea Bierema, Eli Tucker-Raymond, Ron Gray, and Ozden Sengul (graduate student member).

In the first half of 2016, the PAC undertook three main activities, described below.

Scholarships for Classroom Teachers and Informal Science Educators

The PAC was pleased to award nine scholarships to teachers and informal educators to support their travel and participation in the NARST annual international conference in Baltimore. These individuals and their nominating NARST members are:

Awardee Nominator
Nejla Atabey Mustafa Sami Topçu
Flavian Brian Fernandez Gavin Fulmer
Ebenezar Mbachu Allison Gonsalves
Deb Morrison Deb Morrison
Felicity McLure Mihye Won
Ann M. Novak David F Treagust
Pamela P. Phillips Margaret R. Blanchard
Theila Smith Jennifer Adams
Nicole Snook Sara Tolbert

Selection of JRST Articles for the NSTA Reading List

PAC members worked diligently to identity articles published in 2015 in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching that were most applicable to classroom teachers. The articles recognized in this manner are:

Moore, T., Tank, K., Glancy, A., & Kersten, J. (2015). NGSS and the landscape of engineering in K-12 state science standards. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 52(3), 296-318.

Hagay, G., & Baram-Tsabari, A. (2015). A strategy for incorporating students’ interests into the high-school science classroom.Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 52(7), 949– 978.

Jin, H., Mehl, C., & Lan, D.H. (2015). Developing an analytical framework for argumentation on energy. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 52(7), 1132– 1162.

These articles will be included in the summer NSTA reading list and will be provided to teachers free of charge.

Formation of PAC Sub-Committees

Consistent with NARST’s transition to a governance organization, the PAC formed subcommittees for the two activities above. Thanks to Noemi Waight and Lin Ding, who will be co-chairing the Scholarships sub-committee and to Julie Brown, who will be chairing the Reading List sub-committee.