Research Interest Groups

Indigenous Science Knowledge Research Interest Group [ISK-RIG]


Femi Otulaja

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Indigenous Science Knowledge Research Interest Group [ISK-RIG], approved by the NARST Board of Directors at the 2017 Annual International Conference in San Antonio. During the 2016 conference in Baltimore, an informal group of interested members came together to discuss the need to form a RIG given the growing number of NARST researchers who are themselves Indigenous and/or working alongside Indigenous communities. This group includes active members from Africa and the African Diaspora, Alaska, Australia, Canada, Indigenous populations of the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, the Middle East, Thailand, Nordic Regions, New Zealand, Scandinavia, the West and East Indies, etc. The purpose of the ISK-RIG is to support current and future research agendas regarding Indigenous Science Knowledge/Education. We invite interested NARST members to contact Femi Otulaja ( or ) to join (and learn more about) the RIG.


Latino/a Research Interest Group [LARIG]


Diego Rojas-Perilla

During the last year, LARIG continued its efforts to expand a national and international network of colleagues through Facebook. This network now includes the participation of 98 members, a growth of 27% of the total LARIG memberships. In this group, members share relevant job postings, research projects, and funding opportunities.

During the business meeting at the Annual International Conference in San Antonio, which included the participation of 18 members, several decisions were made and others were considered. First, Dr. Fatima Terrazas-Arellanes was elected by unanimous consensus as the new Chair of LARIG, and Diego Rojas-Perilla was reelected as the Secretary. The possibility of changing the current structure of LARIG by opening a new Co-chair position was also discussed, and Dr. Peter Licona was elected for this position. Chair and Co-chair will work together to lead the group’s initiatives and expand its goals for the coming years. The group also discussed the importance of working towards expanding the current participation of Latin-American researchers from outside the U.S. Finally, a new LARIG group was also created on LinkedIn as a way to connect members professionally and to learn more about their professional experiences, current positions, research, publications, and other interests. In this space members will be invited to share their work and to discuss possible collaborations on future projects.

CADASE Research Interest Group

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 10.54.44 AM

Leon Walls

As NARST’s first (RIG), CADASE is driven by the mission to support research in science education that will have a positive impact on the lives of children of African ancestry. CADASE accomplishes this by encouraging science educators to engage in research focused on and specific to the needs of people of African ancestry, and by providing the intellectual, professional, and personal space for science educators engaged in such research.

During the first quarter of 2017, the CADASE RIG saw transition in its leadership from past Chair, Dr. Irene Osisioma, to current Chair Dr. Mary M. Atwater. Speaking for the RIG at large, we take a moment to sincerely thank Dr. Osisioma for her leadership and commitment to the mission of the RIG during her term as Chair. Incoming President, Dr. Atwater, brings with her the same leadership qualities and depth of experience used during her successful term as Immediate Past President of NARST. CADASE is fortunate to have Dr. Atwater as Chair and look forward to the progress we will continue to make toward our mission during her term.

At the 2017 NARST-CADASE RIG business meeting in San Antonio, the RIG continued to make successful efforts toward increasing its membership base. The CADASE social was held at the Guadalajara Grill in downtown San Antonio. Turnout was excellent and greatly exceeded original estimates; a result, several new members were added to the RIG. Planning for the 2018 NARST-CADASE business meeting in Atlanta, GA is already underway, and we again anticipate a successful and productive gathering in the Peach State.